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Private Preview  by Appointment Only!  Call (901) 581-9216

Preview our Memory Foam, Hybrid, Innerspring and Foam Spring Sleep Systems and Mattresses. Our Mattresses provide the latest technology, including cool gel-infused memory foam, the hybrid memory foam coil mattress, the pillow-top innerspring and the Reverie DreamCell foam spring support systems.  Call (901) 581-9216 and make an appointment for your private consultation.

We not only have premium mattresses from which to choose, we also have

  • Adjustable Bases / Foundation - From the basic adjustable foundation to a surround sound foundation
  • Bedding - Made of the finest imported double-brushed microfiber yarns creating a new standard in softness and breath-ability
  • Headboard – A variety of designs and colors to enhance the beauty of your bedroom
  • Pillows - We have a variety of choices for your personal comfort level for the best sleep of your life.

We are your one stop solution for a great sleep experience. 

Why a Private Mattress Consultation?

We want you to Rest-test your new mattress. Once in the store, follow the S.L.E.E.P. test. Remove your shoes and lie down on several different models in various positions. (If you’re a woman, it’s best to go mattress-shopping in jeans or pants so you can move around.) Learn More

Memory Foam ♦ Hybrid ♦ Pillow-Top Innerspring Systems 

Why Pay More?


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Our Story

Rest Easy Sleep Shop is a locally owned and operated Mattress Shop in Atoka Tn. Our goal is to provide products that enhance the sleep experience at an affordable price.

A good night's sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It influences how you feel, your relationships, productivity, and your quality of life. Sleep allows the brain to process the day’s learning into memory and to re-energize your body. It is said that, good health begins with a good night’s sleep. See the difference a good night’s sleep can make. Call (901) 581-9216 today to make an appointment for your private preview. Learn More: How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep